Are your consoles looking a bit…haunted? Elaine from ON24 here, and I’ll be answering your branding questions all week to help take your experiences from possessed to obsessed. AMA!

Hey Webinerds! With Halloween right around the corner, I figured I’d pop in to chat about my favorite topic: branding! I am Elaine from ON24’s marketing team and I oversee the brand and experience within each of our webinars and events. We have created a LOT of different consoles over the years from run of the mill to out of the box and I have tons of tricks and best practices ready to share. Comment below and let me know what questions you have or if you are in need of any inspo or ideas!

And since it’s spooky szn, check out our 2020 ON24 Hexperience that we created as an on-demand product walkthrough using ON24 Webcast Elite, ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target.


Hi, Elaine. I’d like to be able to activate Responsive Behavior and see that I need to resize everything so that it isn’t tiny on a laptop screen. Seems I can fill out the window on a large monitor and it will keep a decent size on a laptop, but I haven’t had much time to test.

Any tips for templates? Text and Text with Banner are among our tools, and they seem to be keeping alignment now, but may have to be enlarged to show content. Media Player and Slide Window also reduce down and everything is pushed to the upper left corner in the small screen,


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Hi @laura.chapman! I am checking with our product team because I know there have been some bugs with responsive behavior in the past. Because of that, we don’t regularly use it and instead will setup templates to display within what we call the “laptop safe zone”. Essentially, we will design a much larger console background and then will size and organize our tools within the top left 1443 x 767 of the console to ensure that everything critical is viewable on laptops while still giving those on large monitors the option to resize their tools and/or zoom.

Check out this guide which walks through these details on page 9.

I will circle back on responsive behavior specifically asap!

Hi @laura.chapman! I heard back from our product team and they will be rolling out improvements to responsive behavior in the Q4 release which should hopefully resolve some of these issues and make it much more user friendly.